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Chiroflow Pillows

 As many of you know, Sterling Chiropractic Center offers additional tools to continue the benefits of your adjustment. We take great pride in offering the best products that have been personally tested for comfort, benefits, and relief. That being said, after four years, my wife and I are beginning our second set of Chiroflow pillows.
Most patients never consider the importance of sleep. They are aware when they haven’t received enough or wake up with pain. Furthermore, most patients toss and turn during the night, not aware that merely the amount of support is extremely important. “Too much, not enough” are considerations patients rarely plan for. 
Let’s look at the sleeping positions. Generally, there are only three main sleeping positions, with variations noted to preference. Side, rather right or left, Back, and Stomach sleepers are the main groups. Stomach sleepers face the problem of breathing while they sleep. Therefore, the head requires rotation to one side or the other. In most cases, there is a preference to side of rotation causing chronic issues. 
Side sleepers are the second group. These participants never consider the stability of the neck in this position. I recommend to all my patients to measure the distance from the shoulder to the ear. This measurement should equal the height of your pillow plus about two inches for the weight of the head. If the distance is 7”, your pillow should measure 9”. This height can be obtained (if necessary) by two or more pillows. 
The final group is the Back sleeper. In this group, many patients sleep in the improper position. The sleep with two or more pillows. Due to the height of the pillows, it causes the head and neck to stay in the anterior flexed position. With the head flexed, upper back muscles and shoulder muscles are strained. Given that most individuals sleep for about 7-8 hours. That is an additional third of their life in that fixed position. In most cases, one pillow provides sufficient support, maintaining the neck in a neutral position. This minimizes the strain and stress along the cervical spine, the ligaments, and the musculature. 
I recommend to all my patients the awareness of their sleeping environment. Two things I tell them, do not skimp on bedding (mattresses and pillows) and shoes. You’re on your feet for two thirds of your life, and sleeping the other third. Take measurements, rotate the mattress, and consider replacing items beyond their purpose. 
The Chiroflow pillows are more than just pillows. They provide the very best in support and stability for the cervical spine. Within the pillow, a water bladder is in place to customize the pillow for comfort for any body size. As someone turns in bed, the pillow is designed to transition for maximum stability, keeping the neck in the proper anatomical position. When the body sleeps, we spend that time recovering and repairing on the cellular level. When we restore the neck and upper back to the proper position, less stress is present allowing the individual to gain not only quantity but quality of sleep.