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Success Stories

Testimonial 1I was referred to Dr. Folk by someone I worked with. I had been either in a wheelchair or using a walker for over a year and having to take prescription pain medication. Thanks to chiropractic care I am no longer taking pain medication or having to use a wheelchair/walker to get around.
–Judy, Bowling Green, KY
I was in a car accident where I was rear-ended that made me suffer with pain in my neck and back. Dr. Folk has helped me a lot, and I am able to return to my normal activities with very little pain. I am very thankful to Dr. Folk.
–James, Bowling Green, KY

Our son, Michael, would say, “Ka-Chow”! Michael is 12 years old and has special needs (former preemie, autism, and scoliosis). After getting a diagnosis of scoliosis, we decided to give chiropractic’s a try. Michael would tell us his back hurt. Dr. Folk works well with him. Michael loves going to every appointment. Even the table wasn’t too scary for him, we started out by having him listen to his favorite music, but now he just goes right in. He ends every session by saying, “Ka-Chow, great job, Dr. Folk” and gives him a high-five.
–Wayne and Brenda (Michael), Bowling Green, KY

Testimonial 2Dr. Folk rocks! He helps manage the chronic pain conditions I live in all the time. I have fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, migraines, sinus problems, arthritis, TMJ, bad knees, low back pain, plantar’s fasciitis and pelvic pain. I don’t know what I would do without him. He really helps manage my pain! He is better than taking any pain medicine! Chiropractic works and I’m blessed to have him in my life! He’s really a great guy who is happy to serve his patients and always glad to see them. I’ve tried other chiropractors but no one has given me the pain relief he has for all of my problems! He adjusts me for all of my conditions. When you see Dr. Folk you’re getting a full body adjustment not just here or there!
–April, Oakland, KY

I love Dr. Folk! He helps me with my sinuses, back and arthritis!
–Maria, Oakland, KY

Testimonial 4Dr. Folk is so professional and talented. I have been his patient for a few years now. He always has time to see me, especially when I have a migraine. I can come into the office crying in pain and unable to work. By the time I leave, I no longer have a migraine and can return to work. On migraine days, Dr. Folk is the only solution.
–Misty, Portland, TN

Testimonial 3My daughter has had a lot of problems with her knee and feet. I took her to physical therapy and they worked with her and taught her some exercises to strengthen the muscles around her knee, but nothing seemed to help. When I started working here I talked to Dr. Folk and he said to bring her in. He has worked on her several times, and has relieved all of the pain she was having and continues treating her as needed.
–Shelley, Smiths Grove, KY

Testimonial 5I started going to Dr. Folk, after a co-worker recommended him. We sit at our desks a lot, on our job, and I was having some back pain. Dr. Folk explains things to me, so I can understand what is going on with my spine. The hours are flexible, the wellness plan works great, and I feel so much better after my appointments.
–Brenda, Bowling Green, KY

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