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Full Body Examination

Gives the doctor the ability to assess everything that contributes to your chief complaint.2557464

Therapeutic Modalities

Aids in healing and stabilization of the areas. In addition, it allows the individual to return to their daily activities much quicker.

Scoliosis Treatments

We assess the severity and offer options to minimize the advancement of Scoliosis.

Therapeutic Massage

Reduces acute inflammation brought on by injury.

Myofascial Release, Connective Tissue Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Infant Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Prenatal Massage, Soft Tissue Massage, Swedish, and Trigger Point Therapy.

Auto Injury Professionals5571950

Helping you recover within the least amount of time following a traumatic injury.

Workman Compensation

Injury on the job affects more than your pain level. We initiate quickly to get you back to work ASAP.

Gentle, Effective, and Tailored Adjustments7690092

Not all individuals respond to the same technique. We assess your comfort level and the most effective method that will speed your recovery while giving the gentlest adjustment.

Applied Kinesiology

Used to improve adjustments and maintenance of the care.

Exercise Rehabilitation7229407

We incorporate exercise stretching and strengthening to maximize your recovery and health.

Athletic Physicals

Inexpensive and thorough sports physicals accepted by the KHSAA.

Kinesio Taping and Strapping

No need in most cases for bulky supports and/ or orthotics. It also allows the individual to return to day to day demands with support and healing while their care continues.

Extremity Adjusting (Arms and Legs)6342829

We focus on those areas that move the most that can affect the rest of the body.


Aids in reduction of stress and sore muscles brought on by misalignments.


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