Chair Massage Days

Chair Massage is a unique type of massage in that it is meant for a more on-the-go or event setting. Typically lasting about 15 minutes in length, chair massage can address the ache-y areas that many struggle with such as head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms and hands in a just right amount of time.


  • Chair massage is done in a specifically designed chair with a cradle for your face and a special support for your arms
  • Clients stay fully clothed and no oils or lotions are used
  • Components from Swedish massage are utilized, such as kneading, compressions and tapotement.
  • Chair massage is a beneficial, not to mention amazing, add-on to any work, sport, or recreational event.
  1. Employee appreciation days
  2. Bridal showers
  3. Girls’ night in
  4. Fund-raising events

Chair massage is also a great way to get the benefits of massage when you’re short on time or aren’t sure that massage is right for you. Getting to know the touch of your massage therapist, learning about how massage will benefit you and the type of pressure you are comfortable with are just a few of the immediate answers you will find to determine if massage is right for you.

Allow Liz, our licensed massage therapist, to introduce you to the amazing world of massage through chair massage! Call (270)783-4500 to book your individual appointment or event today.

Visit us at Sterling Chiropractic Center for Chair Massage Days, or call ahead and schedule your appointment for a complementary Chair Massage when you book and keep a future one hour massage appointment.