Clench your fist, ok now hold it. Hold it and keep reading.

Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Clench your fist, ok now hold it. Hold it and keep reading.

Stress in our lives can lead to aches and pains that seem too stubborn to ever go away.  Are you still holding that fist? Yes, ok, good. What may have begun with a vehicle accident, a slip and fall, or a twist of your back when you were working can become a chronic back pain that, due to stress, will not seem to heal. Back pain of this type may often travel, as in it doesn’t stay in one steady location. One week, it may be in the right shoulder and just as suddenly the next day your pain has moved into your left mid-back.

If you’re still holding your fist, do you feel the tenseness in your forearm, discomfort into your upper arm, pain in your shoulder? Amazing, isn’t it. This is similar to what takes place when we are in a constant state of heightened stress. Our bodies remain tense, constantly ready for movement, so that we begin to feel discomfort and even to the point of severe pain. Massage, the pressure applied to our tense muscles, encourages them to relax.  Warm blankets, dimmed lights, and music playing softly; these things allow our mind to begin to relax. A guided pressure, knowing where to outline each muscle, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and putting our bodies into a relaxed state; ultimately a massage causes our bodies to go into the opposite of the fight or flight mode. The combination of being in a relaxed setting and being disengaged from the many stressors in our lives allows us to truly relax. Add to that the work that is done on our muscles to decrease the adhesions and trigger points and is it any wonder we walk away feeling like a whole new person!?

Are you struggling with stress? Do you have back pain that just won’t go away? Do you wake up every morning feeling like your arm couldn’t hurt any worse? Allow Liz, our Licensed Massage Therapist, to introduce you to the world of massage. Let the healing begin, and allow yourself to truly have a time to relax. Call the office at (270) 783-4500 today to set up your appointment and be ready to

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