Dreaming about a relaxing massage… Swedish Massage

Swedish Massageswedish-massage

Swedish is the most commonly known modality of massage and dates back to the 1800s. For a majority of individuals this is what comes to mind when the term massage is mentioned. Thoughts of a calm and relaxing atmosphere, it’s almost as if the word itself is enough to put you in a relaxed state of mind as you dream about how wonderful a nice relaxing massage would be.  The modality of Swedish massage is wonderful in the fact that it is so versatile and is fitting for such a wide array of individuals.

  • Swedish massage is made up of a total of 5 different types of strokes; effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration or shaking. Each massage is especially formatted by your therapist using a combination of these
  • Ideal for a full body massage lasting from 60-90 minutes
  • One common misconception is that pressure of a Swedish massage is automatically light to medium. While these are two types of pressure that can easily be incorporated, a firm or heavy pressure can also be used when requested
  • Swedish massage is often incorporated with other treatments, such as a foot or back scrub or a specialized face massage to enhance the relaxation aspect of the massage
  • Swedish massage is excellent for persons of all ages
  • Swedish massage is ideal for relaxation and stress reduction
  • Improves circulation and flexibility
  • Possibly most importantly Swedish massage helps to ease muscle tension and pain.
  • Ideal treatment plans are based around your personal needs and would be recommended to be scheduled for once every four(4) to six(6) weeks


While Swedish is the most commonly known modality of massage and is excellent for the overall relaxation of the body, it is also beneficial in other areas. Whether you’re having a particularly stressful season of life, you’re feeling especially achy, or maybe you’re feeling an overall sense of unease, Swedish massage will help to ease your concerns and get you back to feeling like yourself! Let our licensed massage therapist customize a massage just for you, call (270) 783-4500 to schedule your appointment today.

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