Getting the Most from your Prenatal Massage

YAY, you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, how exciting! Now if only with your expecting you weren’t experiencing tired feet, swollen ankles, sore legs, achy hips, low-back pain, and general unease just about everywhere else. Being an expectant mom can be one of the most joyous occasions in a woman’s life and thanks to massage, it doesn’t also have to be one of the most painful times. Prenatal massage is the modality of massage specifically designed to address the unique aches and pains experienced by expectant mothers.


Here are a few things you should know before your appointment

  • Check with your doctor, while massage is helpful in relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy, in some cases it is not recommended.
  • This is your time! Be comfortable! Need an extra pillow, just ask. Feeling cold, an extra blanket will help! Pressure not firm enough, let us know.
  • Talk to your Massage Therapist; does a particular scent not settle well with you? Do you have a particular request for music? There isn’t much that can’t be address to give you your perfect massage!
  • As much as you are seeking a relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing massage we want to give you that perfect experience. Communication is the key, and feelings will not be hurt if you need another pillow to be truly comfortable!
  • Just as it is advised to not be in a hot tub while pregnant, so it is not recommended to add extra heat during a massage. Yes to blankets, no to table warmers!
  • Prenatal massage is super beneficial:
    • Positively affects newborn health
    • Reduces swelling
    • Decreases symptoms of depression
    • Promotes more fulfilling, restful sleep
    • Relieves muscle cramps
    • Reduces aches and pains~ can be used to target areas such as low back, hips or feet.

Prenatal massage is recommended, with a doctors’ clearance, following the first trimester of pregnancy. A recommended treatment schedule is once every 3-4 weeks throughout your pregnancy for optimal relief!

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