How Often Should I Get a Massage?

How Often Should I Get a Massage?

Along with diet and exercise, determining how frequently to receive a massage is a very personal based decision. Just as not every individual looking to lose weight will find success with the same diet, and not every person who goes to the gym is looking to become the next world champion of heavy lifting so not everyone needs to follow the same massage schedule. Needs depend on lifestyle, body requirements and treatment goals, therefore answering the question of how often to get a massage will vary drastically with each person. Some factors to consider when determining how often to get a massage are:


  • Pain Management

~Dealing with Chronic Pain, frequency will start closer together and become more spaced out as the pain is dealt with and reduced.

  • Medical Necessity

~Motor Vehicle Accident or Workman’s Comp victims, frequency may begin as often as 2-3 times per week and become further apart with the goal of being returned to 100% pre-injury status.

  • Athletic Event

~In preparation of an event: short, concentrated sessions multiple times a week.

  • Athletic Recovery

~Following an event, as soon as possible. Followed by maintaining a regular massage schedule to keep your muscles healthy and ready for the next event.

  • Stress Management

~Massage helps to break the cycle that living a high stress life puts on our muscles. Based on the level of stress in your life, as frequently as once every two weeks is a good starting point

  • Wellness

~Feeling under the weather in one manner or another, there’s a massage that can help with that, whether as a one-time help or as a more long term plan!

  • General Wellbeing

~If you’re looking for the benefits that massage can bring to your everyday life, a massage once every 3-4 weeks is a good plan!

Still not sure exactly what would be a proper frequency for your massage needs? Let our expert Massage Therapist help you determine a plan that is just right for you. Based on your lifestyle and health needs she can determine the frequency that is just right for you. Call (270)783-4500 to schedule your next massage with Liz.