How to Get a Great Massage…

How to Get a Great Massage

Help Your Massage Therapist Help You

So, you have your first appointment with a new massage therapist and you couldn’t be more excited! Your body has been hurting, in one way or another, and you just can’t wait to feel relief. Can you really ensure that your massage is everything you’re dreaming it will be, or is it really just lucky chance that you’ll get a great Massage Therapist?

As a Massage Therapist, it is my ultimate goal to ensure you receive the best massage of your life, every time you are on my table. Through expressed empathy, education and encouragement I do my best to make this happen. Here are some tips to help you help me ensure you get the best massage possible from the first massage to forever.

  • Know Yourself- Why are you getting a massage? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you have a slip and fall or maybe just moved wrong? Are you looking to relax and get some relief from a stress-filled life? Express why you’re here, what you are looking for. If you’re not sure exactly WHAT you’re looking for, I can, and will, help you figure it out!
  • Communicate- Have you had a previous experience with massage that you did not enjoy or better yet, that you loved! What about that experience was so great or so bad? Especially if you’re looking to relax and not have much chatter, give feedback! Are you really enjoying the particular technique being utilized, a simple “That is really helping” or “I’m enjoying that!” goes a long way in letting your massage therapist know that they are giving you a great massage. The same goes for if things aren’t feeling good or maybe the pressure isn’t just right. Let your therapist know that too. “If you could ease up just a little” or “That spot seems to be more tender than I anticipated!” are good clues to let me know I need to back off or change technique.
  • Water- Yay, your massage was perfect! You feel like a million dollars leaving the office. Then you wake up the next day, you’re sore and have a slight headache. What gives? Yes, we tend to seem to sound like a broken record when talking about water. However, as a general rule, your massage therapist really is trying to help prevent the soreness and headaches. Drinking plenty of water following your massage is the BEST way to do this!
  • Homework- Especially when dealing with a chronic pain issue your massage therapist may recommend stretches or self-care therapy to help your relief last longer between sessions. This is not a way of “putting you off” or “getting out of our job” but rather, it is our way of helping you help yourself feel better, faster! Just like when you go see the doctor and he gives you medication and you take it, so it goes. Do the self-care things prescribed!
  • Regularity- One of the toughest things to see as a massage therapist is individuals whom choose not to follow a care plan. We really are not just out to “get your money” and actually when creating a care plan, I take into consideration what a financial situation is, and recommend a few options based around that to help you the best I can! One of the best things that you can do for yourself is investing in your health. Investing in a care plan that is going to aid in ridding your body of all the aches and pains, is a terrific step in that right direction.

Whether it’s a once in a while treat for yourself or you’re looking to alleviate chronic pain, it is possible to have a perfect massage. Dreaming of experiencing your ideal massage? Call Sterling Chiropractic Center at (270)783-4500 to schedule your massage appointment with Liz, Licensed Massage Therapist and let me help you

Feel Better, Faster, For Good!