Massage Soreness- What’s Normal?

Massage Soreness- What’s Normal?

So, you received an awesome massage. You walk away feeling such relief, your muscles move better, and your range of motion is so good you could take on the world! But as you wake up the next day, you are feeling sore, tired and maybe even achy. What gives?

Experiencing some slight amounts of soreness and discomfort the day following a massage, is very common. You see, getting a deep massage is much like putting your body through a good work out. Your muscles were stretched, manipulated to allow further stretching and the massage increased blood circulation in the tight spots. Much the same as with working out, there are patterns that can be seen in the days following a massage, and there are things that you can do in the days leading up to your massage to help minimize the soreness.

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  • In the days, especially the day, prior to your massage it is especially important to ensure that you maintain proper hydration. Dehydrated muscles are more difficult to manipulate or stretch and therefore can often lead to more intense soreness following a massage.
  • Following your massage, you feel great. Even some of the places that were sensitive or painful but it’s in a good way and now they’re feeling a million times better. Now is the time to take action. Continue to ensure proper hydration. Do some light stretching, especially of the muscle groups that were worked more thoroughly during your massage. Also in the evening, take time for a warm relaxing bath. Adding some Epsom salts to the water will also help your muscles.
  • If you still wake up the morning after a massage feeling as if you got hit by a truck, it is important to remember that it is perfectly normal. Continue to care for your body, stretching, plenty of water, a hot shower as well as ice for the especially sore areas will go a very long way!

Important to note, that while the being sore is normal, bruising is NOT. If you notice bruising following a massage notify your therapist so that they know to not work as deeply with as much pressure so quickly in your next session.

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