The Benefits of Sports Massage

From throwing a baseball to kicking a soccer ball, in every sport on the spectrum, athletes face a whole myriad of potential for injuries and trauma in their lives. Sports massage is designed to specifically address these risks in both preventative treatments as well as in healing and repair. Since we know that no two athletes are the exact same, so no two sessions will be the same. While in a classification all of its own, sports massage uses techniques from other modalities to identify and address the needs of each individual athlete.


Sports massage is key for:

  • Athletes of all ages as a preventative health treatment to keep your muscles free of trigger points and knots
  • Weekly treatments when training for an event such as a marathon
  • Use prior to a sporting event to warm up your muscles, increase the blood flow and improve your overall performance
  • Upon completion of a sporting event to assist in cooling down the muscles, manage pain associated with muscle spasms and encourage relaxation of the body as a whole.

From weekly treatments when training for an event or prior to and following a game to monthly preventative treatments sports massage is ideal for athletes of all ages, yes even those young 10-year-old children whose muscles are still growing and changing! By creating a treatment plan, setting goals for treatment and helping you to be the best athlete you can be are all the ways Sports Massage will help you. Let Liz, our licensed massage therapist, help you by customizing a treatment plan just for you, call (270) 783-4500 to schedule your first appointment today.