There’s nothing quite like the agony…

There’s nothing quite like the agony of low back pain, whether from an injury, stress or overuse, low back pain is the one that seems to make everything everywhere else hurt. When your body is under stress, adrenaline is released preparing to assist the natural reflex of fight or flight. One of the rapidly following steps is that your muscles tense for movement. If this movement is not ever taken, and your body is not allowed to rid itself of the access adrenaline, your muscle will not fully return to their relaxed state. Without proper treatment, this can create a pain-cycle, which leaves us miserable.

Let us help you during this stressful season of the year, and into the New Year! Call (270)783-4500 to schedule your massage with Liz, our Licensed Massage Therapist, today.Break the cycle, get a massage! No matter how long it’s been, no matter the amount of pain you’re in, it is breakable! Not only will a massage assist in decreasing the stress hormones, it will also assist your muscles into a more relaxed state so they do not become painful.

Start the New Year ready to

Feel Better, Faster, For Good!