Top Reasons to Get a Massage…

Top Reasons to Get a Massage…

Massage is often viewed as some indulgent luxury; one only afforded us on the rare occasion. But what if we looked at massage in a different way? In a world of planning, reasons and outcomes it seems we don’t want to do something that doesn’t have a direct, instant benefit. So, it is time we stop looking at massage as a luxury and start seeing it for what it really is, a medicine. Massage is a natural form of therapy that addresses and aids in relieving symptoms of so many different health complications.

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  • Mental

Relieves stress, reduce anxiety, ease symptoms of depression, helps us to sleep better, promote relaxation, and decrease stress in cancer patients

  • Muscle

Manage low-back pain, reduce muscle tension, decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain, decrease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, help chronic neck pain, decrease migraine frequency, and reduce pain of osteoarthritis

  • Maintaining health

Help fibromyalgia pain, relieve tension headaches, improve cardiovascular health, temper effects of dementia, lower joint replacement pain, and reduce chemotherapy- related nausea

  • Managing even more!

Relieve postoperative pain, enhance exercise performance, improve balance in older adults, lower blood pressure, increase range of motion, and improve quality of life in hospice care.

Everyone can benefit from massage; from the youngest infant to the elderly in hospice, athletes, pregnant women, and so many in between. Whatever your need or reason, whatever the outcome you’re searching for, massage is the answer. Allow Liz, our Licensed Massage Therapist to show you how massage can help make your life better. Call us at (270)783-4500 to schedule your appointment today and be prepared to

Feel Better, Faster, For Good!