What type of Cooling Therapy should you use?

What type of Cooling should you use?

Many patients come to the office with aches and pains, looking for relief. Initially, if the patient is in an acute state, pain relief is their number one focus. When pain is present, it is usually accompanied by muscle spasms and inflammation. Clearly re-establishing the proper position of the joints is priority one. But a close second is the management, even after the adjustment, of the inflammatory response.
Cryotherapy is the single best method to control the production of inflammation and reduce/ moderate pain in a certain region. Cryotherapy is the application of a coolant to the affected region, causing a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels. After a short period of time, the blood vessels vasodilate to pump the waste out of the injured area. Cryotherapy can also effect the brain’s perception of pain by activating the Gate Theory. The cooling sensation felt by the decreased temperature is perceived by the brain much faster than the pain signals. This decreases the awareness of the pain for a longer period of time. 
Now, you’re probably thinking by now, which is better, Ice or Biofreeze? Besides the title, you probably figured we would be talking about it. In most cases, I recommend ice over Biofreeze. The intense cold, combined with compression, has significant results in moderating pain and inflammation. Twenty minutes every two hours is the recommendation for most acute injuries, modified by certain applications in particular regions.
However, there are some significant benefits to the use of Biofreeze? The product has been tested and is the best in quality compared to other topical analgesics. Until recently, it was only available through healthcare providers. Since the introduction of Biofreeze into the general market, the creators have created a professional grade with greater concentration of menthol and other active ingredients. This allows for greater pain reduction and longer lasting. Due to the packaging, patients can carry their Biofreeze with them to the office, gym, or wherever. There are also multiple methods of applications such as roll-ons and sprays. It is a great addition to any athletic bag.
A third product is another topical analgesic by the name of Deep Blue. It is an analgesic that works through the use of essential oil blends. It is extremely powerful in reducing the pain in an area with very long lasting benefits. Currently, it comes in a rub that is not greasy or messy. Just a little amount goes a long way in coverage.
Regardless of the method in cryotherapy, it is so important in the moderation in pain and reduction of symptoms. If you have been aching or are dealing with pain, apply any one of these methods to the area and test it for yourself. You will be highly pleased with the results of care. Until next live, Live Healthy.